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Birth Services:
Fully Booked until May 2022

Postpartum Services:
Fully Booked until March 2022

Autumn Wreath

Fall Babies!

Cooking for my clients has been a huge part of my postpartum work. Being able to integrate my passion for nutrition with supporting and educating expectant and postpartum families has brought me so much joy!!



I have worked with many multicultural families and helped them navigate the ups and downs of raising a child in a foreign country. Integrating and adapting while still preserving and celebrating the original culture and language can be sometimes challenging for the little ones, and for parents too. 

I strongly support bilingualism starting at a very young age, whenever possible, and guide parents throughout the process focusing on the amazing benefits:

  • feeling good about their heritage

  • feeling confident about communicating and connecting with extended family members 

  • enhances emotional bonds

  • boosts your family’s sense of cultural identity and belonging.