Lesbian Couple with Baby
"Giulia provided great support and guidance as we entered parenthood. We really appreciated her openness and encouragement.
She's had a lasting impact in our lives!"
Rachel and Eric K.
"Giulia clearly loves babies and their mamas and is a compassionate caregiver. She helped me get my son to sleep when it felt like nothing was working. She knows when to give advice and when to just be supportive during the struggles of new parenthood.  I highly recommend her."
Jennifer O.
Happy Family
"We still feel so lucky that Giulia responded. She was willing and eager to provide support even before our son arrived.
What she provided for us was confidence. No matter how tired we were or how messy our lives were, we knew that we were just a few days away from Giulia showing up and getting us back on track.
More importantly, she was amazing with our son and also patiently taught us how to take care of him, such as bedtime routines. Then, when he was napping, she would take care of us. We had her over three times per week, including an overnight, and she was worth every dollar. It’s hard to articulate what she has meant to us and how she has impacted our lives in the three months she was with us. We can’t wait to tell our son all about Giulia and how positive of a role she’s played in our lives in a short period of time. 
In terms of tactics, Giulia doesn’t smoke, was always on time, has her own car, doesn’t look at any devices or screens, and is someone we trust 100%. Pick her. It’ll change your life"
Lisa and Xiao W.
"Giulia was instrumental in helping our family during both our first child and second child. The level of care, support, and guidance she shared helped us navigate new parenthood and welcoming a second child into our home was incredible. When our second child fell ill at 12-days old and required an extended hospital stay, the care and support Giulia provided to our family made what could have been an extremely stressful situation so much easier. She's always been at the forefront of knowing just what type of support and resources our family needed during the various stages of both new parenthood and adding a new member to our family. I would highly recommend Giulia's services to anyone who is looking for a loving, nurturing, respectful, and knowledgeable doula!"
Laura O.
"Giulia facilitated my Peps group which began when my baby was just two weeks old. She welcomed me into her home for the first meeting and gracefully led the group through the ups and downs of early parenthood over a twelve week period. Each week she provided carefully prepared resources for the group. She is highly qualified in that she has a lot of experience with babies, and furthermore she is passionate about child development. Additionally, Giulia is humble, thoughtful, and detail oriented. I can't think of anyone more well suited to be a Doula than Giulia!"
Rachael V.
Parents with Child
"After sharing with a friend that we were having trouble getting our infant to take a bottle, a friend gifted us 3 hours with Giulia for postpartum support and bottle feeding troubleshooting. I am happy to report that after a consultation, a couple shorter sessions and remote help over text and email our 9-month-old is taking a bottle like a champ! It's made our lives SO MUCH EASIER. Additionally, Giulia is a wonderfully gentle and caring person who offers encouragement and straightforward advice. We'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Giulia! <3"
Sara, Mark and Arno