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"I can't imagine having birthed my first child without Giulia! My husband and I interviewed numerous other doulas, and knew immediately that Giulia is unmatched in her profession. The technical, educational, and emotional support that Giulia provided from prenatal to postpartum was the most invaluable service that I've ever received, and I would highly recommend her to anyone bringing a new family member into the world"
Sarah K.
"Giulia became a part of the family. She came over twice a week and was very flexible and accommodating whenever we needed to make a schedule change. She has a very soothing presence that made me and even my introverted husband want to tell her everything! After each of her visit, I felt physically and emotionally rejuvenated and also more confident about caring for my baby. I was able to communicate with her by text and email too, which I did when I wasn't sure what was wrong or if I just needed someone to talk to. I had very bad baby blues the first few months and Giulia helped in making me feel "understood."
Noni W.
"Giulia has been an incredible support starting with preparation for our baby’s birth and continuing during his first months of life.  Her guidance has given us peace of mind and most definitely helped us to better care for our baby. She is a great listener and has made us feel comfortable sharing whatever challenges we’ve encountered and always offered kindness and reassurance when we have been stressed. We are so thankful for her gentleness and knowledge and would recommend working with her in a heartbeat!"
Vanessa H.
"We still feel so lucky that Giulia responded. She was willing and eager to provide support even before our son arrived.
What she provided for us was confidence. No matter how tired we were or how messy our lives were, we knew that we were just a few days away from Giulia showing up and getting us back on track.
More importantly, she was amazing with our son and also patiently taught us how to take care of him. Then, when he was napping, she would take care of us. We had her over three times per week, including an overnight, and she was worth every dollar. It’s hard to articulate what she has meant to us and how she has impacted our lives in the three months she was with us"
Lisa and Xiao W.
"After sharing with a friend that we were having trouble getting our infant to take a bottle, a friend gifted us 3 hours with Giulia for postpartum support and bottle feeding troubleshooting. I am happy to report that after a consultation, a couple shorter sessions and remote help over text and email our 9-month-old is taking a bottle like a champ! It's made our lives SO MUCH EASIER. Additionally, Giulia is a wonderfully gentle and caring person who offers encouragement and straightforward advice. We'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Giulia! <3"
Sara, Mark and Arno
"Giulia clearly loves babies and their mamas and is a compassionate doula. She helped me get my son to sleep when it felt like nothing was working. She knows when to give advice and when to just be supportive during the struggles of new parenthood.  I highly recommend her."
Jennifer O.
"Giulia is a wonderful doula and person! She's so incredibly genuine and helpful, I don't know where we would be without her. My husband and I are first time parents and we really didn't have much guidance on how to approach certain things (like nap times, nursing difficulties, etc). Giulia is so knowledgeable and kind, she really helped educate us on childcare techniques. I felt much more comfortable and reassured that what I was doing was the right thing with Giulia's reassurance."
Maren T.
"Giulia is amazing!! We used her postpartum. We started out having her come once a night and do an overnight with us and then switched to twice a day. She is so knowledgeable and non judgmental and just a great resource! Our daughter also lit up every time she saw Giulia. We felt like she was a part of our family really quickly. She was the best and if I could keep her with us forever I would! "
Shiva H.
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