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Postpartum Cooking Services

Childbirth, lack of sleep, emotional changes and challenges can take a serious toll on the body. Most moms feel overwhelmed and forget to focus on themselves. Food is not only our body's fuel, but also a great boost for the soul.

I believe new parents deserve high quality fresh meals that are adapted to what they enjoy and what their bodies are needing. 

Why Italian?

I was born and raised in Italy and I started cooking as a child with my grandma and mom and never stopped. I love cooking and making everything from scratch. for my family and friends. What makes Italian food so special, and what sets it apart from other cuisines is the focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, its simplicity and the emphasis on family and community.

What does the service include?

  • Consultation to tailor service to client’s taste preferences, nutritional needs, and budget 

  • Shopping for all groceries (always organic ingredients)

  • Cooking and storing all meals at client’s house

  • Cleaning the space used


How does it work?

Step ONE: Request Consultation 

Step TWO: Schedule your meal

Step THREE: Enjoy!

Please don't worry about the state or size of your kitchen! I will make it work! I only ask  that you have kitchen surfaces clear and empty dishes out of the sink by the time I arrive. 

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